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rightsizing, downsizingAlso known as "Living Large in a Smaller Place".

Does your current floor plan suit your current needs? Are you thinking about moving in a few years? Is your house the most expensive one in the neighborhood so that remodeling is not cost effective?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may want to consider Rightsizing.

Rightsizing is transitioning to a smaller, more manageable space that enhances your quality of life.

The biggest struggle when moving from a larger to a smaller home, whether it’s a condo, apartment, or house, is trying to fit all your belongings into the new space.

Transformaison can make this process a lot easier. We will work with you to figure out which items are the most important to you and help you choose what to take. We can even prepare a floor plan so you know where everything will fit into your new home.

What about the rest of my belongings? You can:

  • Donate them to charity (and take a tax deduction)
  • Sell them through consignment, auction, or consignment
  • Give them away to friends and family
  • Dispose of them properly

As we help you step by step, we will also ensure that you will receive the maximum value from the sales and the tax donations.

We will ship gifted items carefully packaged and using specialist carrier services for extremely valuable or fragile items. We will also arrange for pick up from charitable organizations, recycling, and trash services.

There are also creative ways to store some items that you may not have considered. Photos can come out of boxes to be put in photo albums or may be put on disks and loaded on a computer or iPad for easy viewing. Either way, they can be easily accessed and shared with your loved ones!

Want to simplify your life and relocate to a better-configured space that will meet your current and future needs?  Want to have time to do what you love rather than just maintaining what you own?   Let Transformaison help you rightsize your space and your belongings to create your perfect fit!

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