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Testimonials for Transformaison“Elizabeth is a true professional and a compassionate advisor! We engaged her to help clear out the home of a close family friend. She arrived and all of a sudden everything felt much better!  Elizabeth was efficient, professional and well prepared.  Her management style was absolutely perfect: she took the lead and ushered us through the process, but never pressured us to make hasty decisions. She had a plan for every item, and an appropriate response for each of our concerns. Elizabeth took an overwhelming task and made it manageable.  Her practicality, kindness and sense of humor enabled us to squeeze some very important and happy memories out of the job at hand.”   - Carole H.

“Elizabeth and her team came to the rescue! They helped me sort, edit, and decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate from my mother’s estate. They even helped me integrate family treasures (and my keepsakes) into my own home with perfect synergy. When I sat back and looked at everything that Elizabeth had accomplished, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I highly recommend Elizabeth!"   - Laura R.

“TransforMaison is exactly what I was looking for when my mother decided to sell our family home. She was emotionally and physically overwhelmed by the downsizing process. It is a gift having an organized, task-oriented, compassionate person like Elizabeth to get a job like this done. She breaks down every phase of this difficult process with a keen focus, a talented eye, and a can-do spirit – all with compassion and humor. Run, don’t walk to the phone, when you need her help!”     - Mary C.

“As a busy design professional, I came in the front door and rushed to take care of the family. My dining room became the catch all for samples, mail, coats, etc. Every surface was covered, even the dining room table. We had not eaten there in several years. The kitchen faired no better. The cabinets and drawers were overflowing and we spent time precious time everyday looking for needed items. Elizabeth helped us sort, create piles, choose the best of our best, and then helped us create a system so we could continue to stay organized. Our kitchen became fun to cook in and our dining room became functional; we were able to enjoy family gatherings there once again.”     - Cindie S.

"After you streamlined my home office, I was able to work more efficiently and finally had room for my clients to sit! The response to my "new" room was astounding both personally and professionally."   -Phil S.

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