Auctions, auctioning possessionsAuctions can help you realize the maximum value for your extra possessions.

Choosing the best way to disperse extra items as you downsize or declutter can be a challenge. There are several options for you to choose from: Gift, sell, donate, recycle or simply throw away.

For the items you sell, auctioning can be a great way to realize the maximum value. Using our local knowledge we can connect you with the right people to make the process quick and easy.

We can arrange for a qualified appraiser to come to your house and help you identify valuable pieces that might otherwise be overlooked. Items that you are going to auction can be picked up from your home, including the larger items of furniture that might be otherwise difficult to handle.

A small percentage of the sales value will be used to cover the auctioneer fees, the balance is sent directly to you.

For more information about auctions, email or call us at the number below.

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