unpacl, install, installation, move inLiving out of boxes is just no fun! Let us get you settled in, so that you can enjoy your new home without all the stress of moving.

Our installation service starts even before you make the move. We check out your new place and prepare a floor plan that will accommodate the furniture, artwork, clothes and other belongings you plan to bring.

On the moving day we will coordinate the off loading with the movers so that the installation can begin and everything will go in the right place.

We will make sure that all the furniture is placed. All of your artwork and drapes will be hung and all your knick-knacks will be neatly put away. Your clothes will be folded and hung up in your closet, the lights set up and working, and most importantly the bed will be made and the dinner table will be ready for your first meal.

We’ll even take care of the technology, including your phone, TV and computer set up!

To learn more about our installation services, email or call us at the number below.

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